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Do all car tents have ROOF TOP TENTS? Find it out!

People who afterward to adventure, off-road, on the beach, in the mountains or outdoors, have the opportunity to attain it in more in accord ways, there has been an Italian company for 50 years, specializing in the build of tents for cars that bring stability and comfort for those who dare to experiment.

If you desire to travel and guard your vehicle, the range of tent designs that Autohome offers is ideal for you, visit its website today, and witness the progress of militant designs that exist in it.

There are several types of vehicle layers according to your needs as a client; most are designed for a specific season of the year, these tents are the without help ones upon the puff that guarantee quality during warm and frosty temperatures, previously they have a tall air in fiberglass and carbon fiber ROOF TOP TENTS, inquire and learn more!

Overline is one of the models offered by the Company specializing in the design and produce of tents for vehicles, this type of tent obtains 4 panels taking into consideration zipping, two windows that can be closed, one of them unmodified and the further mosquito net, opaque windows and 4 malleable roof summit bars, which can be installed in your vehicle fittingly you can settle confidently and safely.

Autohome, has prearranged the best for you, accessories expected and manufactured to be used gone any model of vehicle tents, the Comfort Kit gain (orthopedic springs + mattress later than structure), two fundamental and coordinated solutions to descend better, even though traveling.

It includes a special foam rubber mattress along past retain (h 5 cm) to area at the base of the tent, simple to place bearing in mind the ROOF summit TENTS it has, guaranteeing orthopedic hold for the entire body.

All ROOF summit TENTS, used in this Company, are intended and manufactured by themselves, guaranteeing a range of interchange colors and sizes of tents for your vehicle. do not hesitate, and acquire your tent for your car, adapted to your need!

March 28, 2020